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Chile and its Typical Desserts

As it happens with the rest of the gastronomy of this country, some desserts are more traditional to a specific region of Chile than to other, although all traditional desserts are known and eaten in all the country and some of them are equally traditionally to all the regions.  

Some of the Most Typical Desserts

One of the most traditional desserts of Chile is the brazo de reina (queen’s arm).  The brazo de reina is made with dulce de leche or manjar (a typical South American sweet) and is a pastry typical to this country. It is eaten either as a dessert or to accompany an afternoon tea .

Other typical Chilean dessert is the empanadas de manzana (apple empanadas). Empanadas can be made with different fillings and either become a meal or a dessert depending on what they are made of. They are typical not only in Chile but in Uruguay, Argentina and some other South American countries as well.

Murta con membrillo is other typical Chilean dessert, mostly traditional in the southern region of the country. Murta con membirllo is a sweet made boiling the membrillo (quince) with the Murta (ugni molinae), a Chilean native shrub. Leche asada is other traditional Chilean dessert (it is also typical in other South American countries, such as Peru for example).

Other traditional Chilean desserts are: merquen, mazmorra de manzana, torilla de rescoldo, kuchen, empolvados, pan de Pascua, and pan amasado, among many others.




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