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Chile and its Traditional Foods

Gastronomic Variety

The traditional foods of Chile are the result of the combination of a variety of different cuisines which include local (indigenous traditions) and other South American gastronomies along with Middle East and European ones, especially Spanish, Italian and French.

Besides this, the varied gastronomy of Chile is also the result of the variety of landscapes and climate of this country. This country’s geography allows it to count on a wide range of sea food products, excellent wines, and a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables.

Popular Dishes in the Main Regions

Some of the most traditional foods of the northern area of Chile are: ensalada de papas al salmon (potatoes with salmon salad), conchas de camarones (shrimp shells), caldo de congrio al vino (conger with wine soup), cazuela marina (marine casserole), and ensalada chilena nortina among many others.

Among the most traditional foods of the southern region we can find: sopa de ostras (oyster soup), arrollado de chancho (pork roll), pastel de pescado (fish pie), curanto, asado de cordero (rosted lamb), empanadas, and  chapaleles. Some typical desserts are: murta con membrillo, brazo de reina, and empanadas de manzana.

Some of the most traditional foods of the central region include: humitas, pantrucas, charquican, pastel de choclo (corn pie) and sopa de mariscos (seafood soup). Leche asada and empolvados are two of the most typical desserts of this region of Chile.




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