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Chilean Food

Traditional Foods

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Chilean Food


The Chilean food is characterized by a fusion of different European cuisines, specially the Spanish one, along with Chilean traditional foods and ingredients. Also, the geographic characteristics of Chile have an important impact on the foods of this country: due to its long coastline there’s an important amount and variety of sea products included in the traditional Chilean foods.

But seafood is not all that can be found in Chile: there’s an amazing variety of products of all kinds which allow the cuisine of this country to be very varied. Chile doesn’t only have a large coastline, but also a great variety of different types of geographical characteristics, allowing this country to produce a wide range of ingredients to create their dishes.


The Regions

Besides this, it is also important to know that there are three main different areas of Chile that have specific characteristics in their gastronomy. These three main different areas are the south, the north and the central zone.


Also, wine is a traditional part of the Chilean cuisine as well, as it is logical due to the fact that Chile is renown worldwide by its wines. Wine is often the chosen beverage to accompany meals and is also sometimes used as an ingredient to some recipes as well.



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